1. A $35.00, non-refundable fee is due within two weeks of being accepted in the preschool. This fee is a testament to your commitment and guarantees placement in the class.

2. Monthly tuition is due the first school day of each month in the amount of $80.00. Tuition is the same price each month regardless of holidays or number of days attended during the month. By enrolling, you are committing to paying tuition each month from September through May.

3. Students that start after the first of the month will be expected to pay a pro-rated amount for their first month. 

4.  There will be a late charge of $10.00 if the tuition is more than 5 days passed due.

5. We reserve the right to cancel enrollment if tuition is 30 days past due.

6. There will be a $25.00 charge for checks returned for insufficient funds.




1. School Begins the first Wednesday/Thursday of September, and concludes the Wednesday/Thursday prior to Memorial Day. Our

    schedule, closely resembles the schedule for Alpine School District. Christmas vacation will begin the week prior to Alpine School

    District. When other exceptions are necessary, you will be notified. A make up day will be provided on Fridays for Monday



2. It is important to please have your child arrive on time.


3. It is equally important to pick up your child on time. Please call us  (801 226-4784) if you have an EMERGENCY.

4. I reserve the right to take 2 personal or sick days each semester. If for some reason more time off is required, I will provide a

    make-up day.



1. By submitting the application, you are consenting to have your child participate in any activities engaged in at preschool (i.e.

    painting, recess activities, field trips etc)

2. By submitting the application, you are consenting to having your child's photograph posted on instagram, facebook and  the Hop

    Ahead Preschool website. Names will not be included in any picture that includes a face. 




1. Fever with temperature equal to or greater than 100 degrees.

2. Nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea.

3. Marked drowsiness.

4. Mouth sores associated with an inability of the child to control his/her saliva

5. Rash with fever or behavior change.

6. Infected, inflamed, or red eyes with discharge.

7. Thick yellow/green nasal discharge.

8. Infestation (Strep throat, impetigo, head lice, pinworm, ringworm, etc.)

9. Earache or swollen glands around the jaw, neck, or ears.

10. Chicken pox until all lesions have dried and crusted.

11. Any other symptoms which suggest acute illness.


In an effort to keep our class healthy, please keep your child home until the above mentioned symptoms have not been present for at least 24 hours. Anyone who requires an antibiotic must be taking if for at least 24 hours BEFORE returning to class.


 *Children should be potty trained. If there is an accident, you will be notified to take care of your child. I will not attend to soiled clothing.